Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Chapter 3

The journey had felt like years and we still were only halfway there. It annoyed me how lazy theweyverns were. Not that i wanted to be sent to my doom but, I'm pretty impatient so it doesnt help.

We had stopped moving and the weyverns slowly set up camp. They had forced me to sleep outside the tents because they thought i was a fire wizard. I was watching the stars and saw a red twinkle. It came again but brighter. Then it spread out into more of a frenzy. I finnaly relized who it was. Raku! i thought. Yes cody? He replied. I thought you abbandond me! We never abandon our kind. But i'm no- raku interupted me, You arent one of us on the outside but you have the heart of a dragon. Raku you ma be here to save me but what about the weyverrns?

They are no match for us. Raku replied. I dont know they seem pretty fierce.

Just as i thought that a weyvern came out a shot an ice shard up near raku. The weyvern grabbed a horn of his belt and blew. Out came a high light noise I had no idea what it meant and i wished i had never learned. All the weyverns charged out of tents in full armor shooting volleys of ice shards into the air. I hear a big breath and an explossion raku and his brethren had started firing literally. Fire balls and ice shards were flying everywhere. Even though i loved the fire dragons i needed to get home. I started walking in the direction i think i came when a storm hit out of no where. A tornado hit the ground and exploded. I was sucked up into the sky.

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  1. Whoa! I never knew you could write. BRAVO!! I love it.