Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I was being hurled around in the tornado, surprised I was still alive. I saw lightning flash around me and all the sudden it stopped. I saw the sun, and clouds underneath me.

I heard a loud powerful voice saying, "Ah, an ice wizard. He will be a nice addition to our collection of ruffians."

I tried something the wyvern guards had taught me. If you focus on one thing really hard you can freeze it. I'd been practicing and practicing and made it. So I focused on the person making the noise. The voice was speaking then stopped. I heard a shattering sound and knew the thing had broken out. I heard lightning coming my way. I tried to move but was frozen mid air.

The deep voice started again, "This is a tricky one."

"Let me go!" I screamed, trying to move.

"Why are you not thanking me for saving you?" said the voice. "Sucking people randomly up in the sky isn't exactly nice in my point of veiw. Deal with it," he said. "I will reveale myself if you will help me."

"Help you? You're powerful enough!"

"One thing I am no match for is defeating the celestians."

"Celestians? Who are they?"

"They are people of space."

"And you want to defeat them, why?"

"They betrayed our magic. They once studyed it but now only worship space."

"I will only help you if you let me go!" I said.

"Fine young wizard, but you are bound by your promise."

I was set gently down on the clouds.

"We attack tonight!"

I was woke up by a rocking.

"They have summond our titan!" I heard Bran say. Bran was the name of the storm giant that ruled storm.

"Ready?" he asked me.

"I'm not sure." I replied. It had been months since my capture and I had learned the way of storm. I could throw lightning, turn invisible, and even cause a hurricane.

Bran said I was a very powerful Diviner. I was happy to follow in my grandpa's foot steps but it didn't feel right. "Bran-" I started.

"Ahh!" I heard diviners scream.

"Morganthe." Bran whispered.

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  1. You have an engaging voice (fancy talk for making me feel as if I'm right inside the story) and great imagination.

    Good luck in your continuing story, Roland