Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A conjuerer's journey.

This is an original story i wrote. This is me xander by the way. This is only the start so be prepared for more :)

A Conjuerer's journey

Ice shards were flying as i tried to make my way through the frozen tundra. As i made my way through i started to see a faint light. once i got closer i reliezed it was a fire. This wasn't and ordinary fire though. on the other end was a dragon. I mfroze in fear at the sight of that dragon. All i could think of was geting home fast. The dragon turned his head and looked strait at me. I held my breath as dragon fear totally overcame me.The only thing i could think of at that moment were a set or words- I finnally overcame the dragon fear and i ran as fast as i could back to where i came from but as i was running a jet of fire exploded behind me the world turned black. I was unconsuices.I awoke that morning to find my self in a cave filled with dragons. I screamed as what had happened last night cam flooding back.The dragon that had captured me opened an eye and the words started again in my mind- Who are you? who are you? who are you? I finnaly just blurted out the answer- i'm Cody shadowstaff. The words stopped. I heard one sentence in my mind.- I am raku leader of the fire dragons.


I was watching the fire dragons hunt and make fire's. It had been weeks since i was kidnapped and i had learned how the fire dragons communicated. They were telekenetic and very smart to. I was home sick but the one thing that didnt make me sick was the food. The fire dragons were extrodinary chef's i'd take them over a five star reasurant anyday. As the fire dragons were cooking i decided to go on a hike.I started walking toward one of the paths the fire dragons had talked to me about. Raku asked me where i was going. I thought: I'm going on a small hike. Raku said ok and to be back before dinner.I started hiking up the frozen trail and heard a small whimper near by. A couple seconds later it reapeated but louder. I thought it might be a stray animal so i decieded to check it out.I walked a couple feet and found a hole in the ground. The whimpering had stopped and i had already started to go back to the trail.About half way there i heard the wimpering. I turned back. Only to seconds after hearing the whimpering. I felt ice shards on my shoulders. I was so scared i couldn't open my eyes.I heard a rasp voice. I found him. Next thing i knew i was dragged into the hole. Raku i thought. I need your help. I woke up to find a blue dragon looking creature starring at my face. AHH! i screamed at the site of the dragon. The creature said in a raspy cold voice, I'm am blare of the ice weyvern's my master will be very pleased by the capturing of a fire wizard. WHAT i said? You are a fire wizard. A strong one by the looks of it. Now stop resisting! I dont want to bite your ugly wizard flesh again. Raku i thought. HELP ME!

Chapter 2

I Being lugged around on floor of the weyveryns castle. I was despertly hungry and was really starting to thing about eating the ice. It had been a week since i had been captured and my only food had been what i had packed. Without Raku's response i felt abbandoned allone in a tunnel of ice. I saw a huge door being pooshed open in front of me. I would of screamed at the sight if i had the energy. Right in the middle of the room was a massive fat weveryn carrying a scythe. This is the fire wizard we captured o great one. I heard one of the weyverns say.In a deeper voice than the other weveryns the fat one spoke. Good the ice beetles will pay handsomelly for this powerful wizard. Oh no i thought. Thier going to sell me to ice beetles! When i was growing up my grandpa had told me of when he fought the ice beetles. They were a dangerous group of wizards dedicated to stealing other's powers. My granpa and his fellow storm wizards managed to take out one of the groups but 5 still remain. If they thought i was a wizard i could accidentally end up as a life less being on the floor of thier palace.The fat weyvern stood up and motioned to his men to follow. We begin the journey tonight! he said. The weyverns cheered as i just kneel there thinking. What am i going to do? It was night and time to set out for the journey. All the weyverns were laughing and feasting. Finally a couple gaurds showed up at the door. We have orders from the master to bring you they said. They dragged me across the tunnels back to the hole i came from. They reached the hole and climed up onto the frozen tundra. The journey had begun.

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